Keeping you connected is the motivation behind all our products


We see a future where everything around us is connected and fully in sync with our lives. We want to contribute our skills and passion to make this vision a reality. This is what motivates us to do what we do: create stylish, high-quality products that help people stay connected.

What we do?

At eeco we prefer simple, elegant designs with a strong focus on both utility and style.

What we produce broadly falls into four categories: cables, mobile tech, hybrid and smart home(by zhangjian). Each of these product fields is linked by a common theme: connectivity. Keeping you connected is the motivation behind all our products, whether it’s keeping your smartphone fully charged or linking a whole eco-system of smart devices in your home.

How we do it?

Our design team have cutting-edge facilities and technology at their fingertips all the way through the creative process.

For eeco product creation isn’t just an internal process but is something to be shared with our customers. We value customer input immensely and have an entire program dedicated to generating feedback. We aim to make products that match perfectly with users’ needs and expectations and the best way to achieve this is through listening closely to what users have to say.

The Team

We are a fresh, forward thinking team of international professionals and creatives looking to bring something new to the industry.

Based at the heart of the tech industry in California and Shenzhen we seek to bring the best of two worlds together. Our focus is creating high-quality products that help users stay connected and simplify their lives.

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