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Meet Allisone.

Connect. Concentrate. Create.

Hello, my name is Allisone. Allow me to seamlessly integrate all your devices through one paramount location to simplify your life and return to you, technological control.

Get to know Allisone.

Launching soon; exclusively on Kickstarter.

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Allisone is a multifunctional hub with high-powered ports for removing clutter and simplifying the workspace. With standard features such as multiple USB-A/C ports and SD card reader, Allisone takes it three-steps further. Connect an external display with a built-in HDMI port; listen to your favorite tunes through a standard 3.5mm audio jack; and, with the added headphone stand/smartphone stand, keep everything organized in one central location.

Allisone helps you to get back to your creative side.

Why we created Allisone.

Allisone is inspired by our own multi-tasking problems using the new Macbooks with very few ports. This translated to a host of frustrations with dongles and other USB hubs whose quality lacked consistency. Issues with connectivity, heat and material durability meant that once they were put through their paces, they quickly needed replacement.

Countless hours of research, product testing and meetings of far-fetched space-time bending ideas later, we came up with the solution: Allisone.

One Product. Two Choices

Allisone comes in two styles. The hub is standard, and connectivity remains the same.

Headset stand

Rest your favorite headset in a safe location and use the built-in cord organizer to keep cables out of the way.

Smartphone stand

Built to keep your phone in place. Use it in portrait or landscape mode; charge it, use it and play with it.

What can Allisone do for you?

Allisone’s ports provide all the benefits of two separate USB hubs and adapters in a sleek, unbreakable aluminum design.

Work faster & smarter.

Are you a photographer or graphic designer? Pop in an SD card, connect your Wacom and start editing in seconds. And yes, you can connect your 4K external display to pixel-peep the smallest of details.

More connectivity. More productivity.

Is music your thing? Any USB-compatible device can be plugged in, such as instruments, turntables and sound mixers. Allisone will help you connect them to your computer. Along with a 3.5mm headphone jack, create, edit and rock out to your tunes.

Remove your limits.

Need a desktop-like experience? Allisone goes beyond USB OTG (On-The-Go). Connect a keyboard and mouse and your smartphone or laptop becomes a functional desktop as it charges. Hook up an external hard drive and transfer files seamlessly; storage space just got bigger.

Allisone is very much a prototype – a working one. Allisone sits on our office desks and is used every day. Compared to other USB hubs, Allisone doesn’t freeze your devices and never loses a connection. The materials and manufacturer have already been found. But minimum orders are big and as a tech startup, we can’t fund the entire project. We want Kickstarter to connect us with valuable, like-minded backers who will help make Allisone a global success.

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Only for early-bird Kickstarter backers, Allisone will be available for significantly less than retail price. But there’s only so many of these we can give away – so sign up for email updates to know when we launch. But if you can’t be an early-bird, relax – there’s more discounts to be had.

Custom Colors?

Other rewards include the ability to get a custom color of your choosing. Choose from a list of color codes and send it to us once the Kickstarter is completed. Silver Allisone? No problem. Red Allisone to compliment your new iPhone? You got it. Lime green? If it can be made, we will deliver.

Both Stands

Finally, because the headphone stand and smartphone stand are interchangeable, there may also be an option available to order Allisone with both stands. These are just some of the rewards you can expect as an early Kickstarter backer.

Get to know Allisone.

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