June 19, 2017

What Can You Do With a 20800mAh Power Bank?

20800mAh Power Bank

In the next two weeks, eeco will unveil an all-new 20800mAh power bank. This is double the capacity of our first power bank. Using your feedback and looking at how popular our 10000mAh Type-C power bank became, we wanted to create something equally great.

Built using a full aluminum case like its predecessor, our new 20800mAh monster is sleek, ergonomic and beautiful. An inevitably larger size does not mean gross bulk – but it does allow us to fit more ports inside.

Three powerful ports providing the fastest charging speeds on the market accompany the Samsung-branded batteries contained inside. QC 3.0, Type-C and our very own smartIC port are standard.

QC 3.0 charges your device up to 80% in just 35 minutes, while the Type-C port is powerful enough to charge a MacBook. Finally, our smartIC port is 20% faster than a conventional 2A port in most power banks.

Truly a triple threat to batteries everywhere.

So – it begs the question: what can you do with a 20800mAh power bank?

1. Charge Your Nintendo Switch

Provides you with up to 15 hours of Legend of Zelda playtime. Check out this blog post for more.

2. Power Your MacBook

Keep working in peace with enough juice for one full charge with some left over.

3. Charge Your iPad/iPad Air/iPad Pro and Other Tablets

Watch movies, play games and FaceTime for a long, long time. 

4. Watch Movies All-Day Long on Your Smartphone

Unlimited Netflix pleasure.

5. Travel for a Week Without a Wall Charger

Backpack in peace without needing to be stuck to a wall outlet.

6. Charge a Fitness Band

Very much on-the-go.

7. Charge Your Drone’s Batteries

Fly high and stay high – just follow aviation rules. 

8. Charge Your E-Cig/Vape

This proves that USB technology is in just about everything.

9. Power a Raspberry Pi and Compute Anywhere

You can play Pacman, too.

10. Power a One Can Refrigerator

Only one can. For those who can’t resist cracking open a cold one.  

11. Charge Another Power Bank for Unlimited Power

It’s not really unlimited… 

12. Take it Camping

Fun under the stars. 

13. Keep Your Digital Camera Charged

Snap, snap, snap away.

14. Power a Wireless Charger

Yes, you can do that.

15. Power a USB Fan for the Hot Weather

Cool off – perfect when you’re stuck watching Peewee games. 

16. Charge Your Smart Belt

Health, fashion… style?

17. Charge Your Robot Cat

And other robots, too.

18. Run a Mini Fish Tank

Do take care of the little ones. It’s a snazzy home for them.

19. Power a Digital Photo Frame

Show off and relive those precious memories day after day.

20. Doubles as a Paperweight

If all else fails, the weight will keep your important documents in place.

There are many, many products that can be charged with a power bank – but we’ll stop here. What can you do with a power bank? We’d love to hear from you!

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