June 9, 2017

6 of the Coolest and Most Imaginative Smart Home Tech of the Future

On the eeco blog, we’ve talked about home automation and Smart Home products that currently exist on the market. Today, let’s talk about the future – highlighting incredible products imagined by creative designers.

Future tech is all about convenience, so check out these incredibly smart ideas and the accompanying pictures. Not everything here actually exists; they are smart ideas, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t coming to a future near you.

Water Shade

Watershade 1

Tired of fruit going bad within a few days of being left outside? Getting annoyed by those pesky fruit flies? Water Shade is the solution. Created by designer Yitu Wang, Water Shade is an intelligent tabletop dish and cover that provides protection for your fruits and vegetables. It works by creating a continuously working shield of water (delicious H2O) over whatever is placed inside.

A built-in detector senses when a hand approaches and halts the water flow in that spot, like how Moses parted the Red Sea. Once you grab the fruit and remove your hand, the water shield goes back up.

This clever idea keeps freshness and moisture locked in, while keeping flies, bacteria and any other unwanted particles out.

Bio Tank Robotic “FishWater”

BioTank Robotic Fish

Designed by Akifusa Nakazawa, the dishwasher of the future just got a whole lot cooler. The Bio Tank is a dishwasher, composter and aquarium all-in-one. The fish in this aquarium are little robots that clean dishes by eating food residue and grime and turn it into biofuel.

The robotic fish have built-in filters that clean the water, too, so replacing the water in your new dishwasher is unnecessary. How nice to have a pet that does so much and doesn’t need to be replaced every other week like that goldfish.

The Dividing Printer

The Dividing Printer

If you’ve ever worked in a small office, you know how confusing and frustrating it can be to dig through a pile of printouts looking for the one you printed just ten minutes ago. Losing important printouts is one thing, but losing time looking for them or putting them in order is even worse.

The Dividing Printer is the solution to small office spaces and homes where every individual needs their own print stack. By mounting the printer on a rail, it allows the printer to move left and right, printing documents in the right stack every time. The printouts are separated by different user profiles.

It’s a simple, yet smart innovation to an old product. The Dividing Printer doesn’t change the function of the printer itself. Designed by In Young Jo & In Young Joo of South Korea, the product won a Red Dot Design Award in 2015.

Floor Plan Light Switch

Floor Plan Light Switch

This nifty light switch makes current light switches obsolete. By putting your entire home’s layout onto one touch-based light switch, you can turn the lights of a specific room on/off with one touch. Designed by Taewon Hwang, the Floor Plan Light Switch is one button that controls the entire home.

With one touch and a quick look at the switch, turn on/off the lights to your living room, bedroom or den. No more guessing around for which switch does what.

Smart Windows

Smart curtains are coming to the market, but what about smart windows that automatically adjust their tint throughout the day? These smart windows can keep sunlight in or out, meaning there’s no longer a need for window shades. What if the windows were paired with your thermostat? Now, the two work together to save energy by telling each other when to work and when to stop depending on how cold or hot the home is.

A similar design already exists on Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner fleet, but these windows still need to be controlled manually.

Withings Thermo – Smart Thermometer

Withings Thermo

As one of the few products on this list that is readily available, this is truly a thermometer of the future. Thermo is an instant temporal smart thermometer that can measure temperature simply by hovering it over a forehead. 16 infrared sensors provide accurate measurements in only two seconds. It also pairs with a smartphone app that tracks temperature readings and provides symptoms/medications.

By measuring temperature emanating from the temporal artery, Thermo is a non-invasive and hygienic thermometer that fussy kids will love. It supports up to eight unique users and is FDA/CE compliant.

The Future is Cool

There is so much more future tech out there. This list of six is a very small portion of the interesting and imaginative ideas coming out from creative designers around the world. If you want to see more, check out Yanko Design.

What do you think of this list? Would you buy any of these products? Let us know below.



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