May 5, 2017

Debunked: setting straight the top five charging myths

5 Charging Myth

“Don’t charge your phone all night.”

“Don’t charge your phone before draining the battery.”

“Don’t use a phone while it’s charging.”

We’ve all heard these “don’ts” many times before. These are just a few of the many battery and charging related myths out there. It’s time they were examined and… debunked!

Charging Myth #1

Don’t use your phone while charging

Many people believe that using a mobile device while it’s charging is bad for the battery. The belief is that the combination of use, charge and heat will reduce battery life faster than normal. Then there’s also the danger of overheating.

Truth: Mobile device batteries have come a long way and so have chargers. Quality chargers will only send enough power to the phone as necessary. With technologies such as Quick Charge and Dash Charge, overheating is a thing of the past. So go ahead, watch movies, play games and connect with your friends while charging.

Charging Myth #2

Charging a phone overnight will damage the battery

Truth: Battery and charging technology has advanced. Smartphones are smart enough to know when a device is fully charged. Once a phone hits 100%, it stops drawing power from the charger. This means the battery isn’t being used at all. There is nothing wrong with leaving your mobile device charging through the night.

Charging Myth #3

Drain the battery before charging

Truth: Draining the battery all the way close to 0% is detrimental because it causes batteries to become unstable. The optimal amount of charge for a phone is anywhere between 40%-80%. Don’t drain; hold a charge.

Charging Myth #4

All chargers are the same

Truth: No, not all chargers are the same. Some chargers are made with better quality and materials in mind. It’s tempting to buy a cheap charger to save money, but the trade-off is safety. If a charger comes without warranty or safety certifications, you can risk damage to your mobile device or worse: battery explosion and/or fire. Be sure to purchase a charger that complies with international standards and certifications.

Charging Myth #5

You don’t need to turn off mobile devices

Truth: Electronics are not invincible machines that can run 24/7 without encountering any problems. Mobile devices like smartphones need to take a break occasionally. It may be an inconvenience to turn off your phone and miss important updates, but you don’t have to do it every day. Turning off your mobile device once a week is enough for it to rest and get back to work the next day.

There are many more battery and charging related myths out there. Before Li-ion batteries came along, these myths held some truth. However, technology is more efficient and much smarter than ever before. Before believing what aunt Helen says about sticking a battery in the freezer, read the manuals your product came with. If the answer is not there, contact the company directly.

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