June 5, 2017

smartIC: eeco’s Newest, Fastest and Safest Charging Technology

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Recently, eeco is releasing brand new products with smartIC technology. But what is this technology and why does it matter? smartIC is a charging technology that makes charging better and faster, while keeping it safe for your valuable mobile devices. Our exclusive technology is similar Anker’s PowerIQ and Aukey’s AiPower. All three perform the same function, however, smartIC provides more safety features than others.

The Dumb Wall Charger

Most wall chargers that come bundled with phones and other gadgets are not smart. What this means is that they serve one purpose and provide only one purpose: charging. Wall chargers send the most power they can provide to any device, no matter the device. If you have a wall charger that can provide 2A of power, but a device that can only handle 1A, the charger will send 2A instead of 1A. Therefore, it’s dumb.

With smartIC, our power banks and wall chargers recognize which device is connected, sending only the most power your device can safely handle. Our chargers can send 2.4A of power or more, but if your device can only take 1A of power, smartIC will automatically adjust to a lower amperage. In conclusion, it prevents harmful side-effects of charging such as overcharging, overcurrent, and overvoltage that can short-circuit your device.


A simple explanation of overcharging is this: a dumb charger will send too much power that causes heat, which degrades the life of a battery. Once a battery hits 100%, a dumb charger will continue to send power. smartIC chargers have a chip which allows them to sense when a device is fully charged. Our chargers stop charging your device when it is full. This prevents overheating and a shorter battery life. It sucks having to change your battery every year.


Without smart charging technology, mobile devices can become victim to overcurrent (excess current). When too much of an electric current is passed onto a device from the charger and cable, it creates excess heat. This carries the risk of damaging the device and/or causing a fire.


Overvoltage occurs when voltage sent by a power source to a battery is higher than normal. This is dangerous. Overvoltage can cause every object in use to get very hot, burst into flames or cause objects like cables to melt because of the high heat.

smartIC: Your Device’s Personal Bodyguard

Designed to prevent damage to your mobile device. Imagine the following example. When you connect your mobile device to a smartIC enabled charger, the cable sends a coded message from the device to the charger. To provide power to your mobile device, the charger must crack the code. By doing this, it sends the right amount of power every time. It doesn’t matter which device is connected, smartIC will crack the code.

What eeco Products Are “Smart?”

smartIC is one of the cornerstone technologies in our products. Along with Guard+ Technology, you can find smartIC in all of our USB products. It is specially placed inside every wall charger, power bank and USB hub. You’re guaranteed a fast, safe charge every time with any of our USB products.

Questions? Contact us directly at any time to learn more about smartIC. We’re more than happy to talk with you!



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