November 22, 2016

What’s Coming Up

It’s been a hectic time at eeco over the past couple of months with us working non-stop on developing an entire range of new products. Now that several of these new products are approaching launch, we felt it was time to share what we’ve been up to!

Quick Charge 3.0 Power Bank


The first of our new wave of products to hit the digital shelves will be a sleek new power bank. We really pulled out all the stops with this one, giving you all the features you told us you wanted. Large capacity, lightweight, Quick Charge 3.0, USB-C support, it’s all there. It’s fair to say that we’re looking to the future with this one. The inclusion of a USB-C port effectively makes it future-proof as more and more devices will support the standard over the next couple of years, and Quick Charge 3.0 is going to be in demand in 2017.

Comment from lead designer Markus: “We’re really happy with the matte space-gray aluminum casing, it feels and looks great. The slimline look is also very pleasing, despite its large capacity it can still fit easily in your pocket. We were very careful in selecting materials and the technology inside is state of the art. Overall, this is a real quality product and one we’re sure will do well.”

Micro-USB/Lightning Cables


Shortly afterwards you’ll be able to get your hands on some impressively sturdy cables we’ve been developing, available both in Micro-USB and Lightning versions. In a previous blog entry we wrote about ways in which you can preserve the life of your cables. Well, at eeco we’re doing a lot of the hard work for you by reinforcing our cables with near-indestructible aramid fiber. These cables should be able to stand up to whatever your daily life can throw at them and more.

Lead designer Markus: “We designed these cables before any of the other products so in many ways we were setting the design language that we would stick to for all future products. This meant that we put a great deal of thought into every detail. In the end we went for a slimline look with a smooth taper, an elegant and attractive design. For the cable head we decided to go with a dual material molding in order to increase durability. The top part uses a hard material that can protect the connector, while the lower part is made from a more flexible material so that the cable head can move more freely and is less likely to suffer from bending. The cables can withstand 10,000 bends in laboratory testing, a stat which we are very proud of.”

Other design details are that the tapered head design fits the fingers perfectly and is very easy pull out of a port. Also, the logo on the cable isn’t silk printed like is common, it is part of the molding itself. This gives a higher quality feel and also reduces production costs. The partner we sourced the materials from has more than 10 years experience with high quality cables so we are confident these cables will last”.

Wall chargers


We also have a series of wall chargers on the way, with 1 port, 2 port and 4 port variations for 3 different plug types (US, EU and UK). We are well aware that most people buying a charger will be looking for something better than the default one that came with their device, so we did our best to give each model something a bit extra.

The single port model comes with QC 3.0 fast charging, currently the fastest method of charging available. Our dual port model offers a hefty 24W of charging, enough for both ports to charge at an impressive 2.4A simultaneously. We will also offer a quad port version for those with heaps of devices in the home which also supports 2.4A rapid charging.

Lead designer Markus: “This series of wall chargers was the first non-cable we designed, so once again it was important to get the design right. We went for a simple, minimalist design; sleek and elegant. The molding is done in three parts, with two sides and a central section containing the ports. We were careful to design it in such a way that for each version only the middle part has to be different, the edges remain the same. This helps reduce costs, simplifies production, while also making the design easily adaptable. This adaptability was useful when developing the versions for the different plug types we support, and will also come in handy for future models.”

Car Charger


Quick Charge 3.0 has been a bit of a theme for our latest line of products and our USB car chargers are no different. Both the single and dual port models come with Qualcomm certified chipsets offering super-fast QC 3.0 speeds, the two port model supporting a whopping 30W max output across both ports.

Lead designer Markus: “We were keen to make the car charger out of a single part so as to eliminate joins and visible lines and we are pleased with final result. A single molding product looks so much more sleek and clean, and also helps keep costs down. We also wanted to make something that would blend in with your dashboard and match the styling of a car as much as possible. A bright and garish product looks cheap when placed inside a car, so we kept the design and color-scheme as low-key and classy as we could.”

Power Bank 5000mAh & 10000mAh


In addition to our slim-line QC 3.0 power bank, we have also developed a separate pair of power banks following the same design theme as our wall and car chargers. The larger of the two packs a substantial 10000mAh and charges at a swift 2.1A (and also look great). The smaller of the two is an ultra-compact power bank aimed at those on the move that squeezes a hefty 5000mAh into its tiny shape. It too charges at 2.1A and compares very favorably to other portable power banks of this size in terms of bang for buck.

Lead designer Markus: “We thought a lot about the different capacities would could produce. It’s tempting to always attempt to produce the largest capacity possible, but it’s important to consider what people actually want from a power bank. We did a lot of research and found that 10000mAh and 5000mAh would be the best to aim for, 10000 because that’s enough to charge a phone 3 times and 5000 because we could make it small enough to fit easily into a pocket. In terms of design, similar to the wall charger we were keen to produce something adaptable that we could reuse in future just by changing the ports or the internals. We spent a lot of time with the engineers and production team making sure everything was just right and that there were no gaps or imperfections in the casing.”

iPhone Stand


Into 2017 we will also have a stylish new iPhone stand. Aside from being a place to mount and charge your iPhone, it is also the perfect audio companion for it. The stand itself includes buttons for changing track, adjusting the volume and for playing and pausing music. This means you don’t have to touch the screen itself, which can sometimes be fiddly to operate when you aren’t holding the phone in your hand. You can also connect headphones to the stand and listen to music as you charge, something that isn’t straightforward for iPhone 7 users.

Lead designer Markus: “We think this stand really brings out the beauty of Apple’s designs. An iPhone neatly placed on it looks stunning, the stand really compliments the style of the iPhone. The product is crafted from a single piece of aluminum using the same process as Apple uses in the manufacture of its MacBooks, so the quality of the finish is something we’re very proud of.”

More in the works!

This is just what have to offer in the immediate future, we have a great deal more in the pipeline, including a few innovations we are really excited about. A lot of work has gone into to each of these and it will be a thrill to see them on sale and in the hands of our customers!

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20 thoughts on “What’s Coming Up

  1. Gary Davidson says:

    I’m a close follower of the industry. You guys have got me as a customer over Anker or Aukey or Ravpower. Cant wait for your powerbanks.

    1. eeco says:

      Thank you, we appreciate the support!

      1. Gary Davidson says:

        No problem. My only question is why its taken so long for this thing to get started? I’m very sad it ya’ll are taking so long. You only have one cable up so far.

        Going to miss Christmas…

        1. eeco says:

          Thanks Gary, we appreciate the anticipation! Quality products take time and we don’t want to rush any part of the process. Everything is on target and will be available very soon 🙂

  2. Aidan Kelly says:

    Way to go eeco team. Where are you guys gonna sell in the US? Just Amazon.


    1. eeco says:

      Thanks Aidan! Yes, to begin with we’ll be focusing on Amazon but we will become available on other platforms both online and offline in the near future. Stay tuned!

  3. Tsuhgi Aizawa says:

    Hello ~ I want to know. You will also start selling in Japan? ~ Tsuhgi ( ◡‿◡ ♡)

    1. eeco says:

      Thanks for the interest! To begin with our products will only be available in Europe and North America, but Japan is definitely in our plans. We have a Japanese speaker on the team and we are aiming for the first part of next year. コメントありがとうございました。来年お楽しみください!

  4. Jamal T. says:

    Hey, when will your products become available on Amazon?

    1. eeco says:

      Hey Jamal. We already have a cable available on Amazon and the new line of products will start to become available from mid-December!

  5. Semjon says:

    Is there any plans to start sell in Russia? I think is very popular site here. You can have look and maybe find some good business opportunity here.

    Best from Novosibirsk

    1. eeco says:

      Hi Semjon. We don’t currently have any specific plans to sell in Russia but it’s definitely one of the places we’d look to expand to in future. When we do we’ll definitely check out

  6. W. Mohnke says:

    Will there be any larger capacity batteries that will be launched in the US in December? Like 20000mAh upwards. Or will you launch them at a later point? I love to go hiking, normally for up to a week and I need a solution that can provide me with enough juice to keep my phone running.

    1. eeco says:

      Thanks for the interest Wilhelm. In December the 10000mAh will be the largest we have available but we have more power banks coming next spring. We can’t comment on capacity just yet but rest assured some of them will be pretty big 🙂

  7. Sar says:

    Yo. Frsh and nice stuff. Really luv the Quick Charge power bank. Looking forward to see it on the market.
    Hope you will run a promotion during the starting period hehe >)

    1. eeco says:

      Thanks for the support! We’re excited about the QC power Bank too.

  8. Pedro E says:

    OMG. Fantastic. I hope you will be on Amazon before Christmas. That 5000 power bank would make a perfect present for my kids. Do you already know the measurements of the battery? – Pedro

    1. eeco says:

      Hey Pedro, unfortunately the 5000 power bank is currently on track for a January launch, but the QC 3.0 10000 power bank will be available before Christmas. The measurements for the 5000 are 3.74 x 1.73 x 0.85 inches (95 x 44 x 21.5mm), nice and compact!

      By the way, check your email 🙂

  9. Tim Jim says:

    Will you also have USB C cables in the line-up? I mean not the normal ones but more sturdy ones like with Kevlar (TM) or Nylon wrapping?

    1. eeco says:

      Hi Tim. We absolutely have USB-C cables coming, Type-C to Type-C, Type-C to USB-A and Type-C to Lightning. As for Kevlar/Aramid, we’re currently looking into it, we’ll announce the exact specifications nearer release.

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