August 31, 2016

Amazon Specialist: Italy

As a growing tech company that sells predominantly on Amazon, we are in need of Amazon specialists that can help us expand into new markets. As an Amazon specialist for Italy, it will be your job to oversee operations related to Amazon Italy and localize content for that market.

Specifically, your role will involve:

  • Writing and updating listings on Amazon Italy.
  • Generating strategies to increase sales in the Italian market.
  • Translating materials into Italian.
  • Being an active member of the Amazon team, contributing new ideas and working closely with colleagues responsible for other markets.


  • Fluent in Italian. Written ability is especially important, this will be the main factor in deciding which candidate is successful.
  • Priority given to those with previous Amazon experience.
  • Priority given to those who spent a significant amount of time living in Italy.
  • Priority given to anybody able to speak multiple languages (e.g. Italian and Spanish)
  • Some communicative ability in English would also be helpful.
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How to apply

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