August 26, 2016

Marketing Manager

As marketing manager you will be required to lead a team in the creation of marketing strategies and content for eeco.

You will work to craft and refine our brand image across a number of platforms, including Facebook and Amazon, and devise strategies to raise brand awareness and promote new products.

Your role will also involve ensuring branding always remains consistent across all platforms, channels and products.

You will be responsible for creating a content calendar and assigning tasks to other members of the marketing team. Content will need to be created for our website, blog, social media accounts and Amazon product listings.

You will manage the marketing budget and be responsible for all aspects of advertizing.

You will also be in close collaboration with the sales and product design teams, making sure branding remains consistent across all areas.

We are focused mainly on Western markets (US, UK etc) and you will be working with multinational colleagues.


  • Previous experience in marketing, including social media.
  • At least 5 years of relevant experience preferred.
  • Ability to lead a team and provide direction.
  • Creative minded, able generate original and effective marketing strategies.
  • Knowledge of SEO and analytical tools for marketers
  • Experience in consumer electronics would be a plus.
  • Native English speakers preferred.
  • Any Chinese language skills would be a plus.
  • Must hold at least a Bachelor degree.
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