Micro USB 6ft Charging Cable

Micro USB 6ft Charging Cable


Ultra durable made-to-last micro USB cable

6ft Cable

Give yourself some slack: 6ft length allows you the freedom to charge the way you want

Aramid Fiber

Reinforced with the same material used in bullet-proof vests, your eeco Micro-USB cable can stand up to some serious punishment. Survives more than 10000 bends in lab testing


Micro-USB is the official industry standard and almost all non-Apple smartphones and tablets use it


The inside of the cable is reinforced with an incredibly strong aramid fiber that protects the wiring from the kind of stresses that cables hate most. The primary reason cables break is through bending and twisting stress. With a strengthened cable this force will be mostly dissipated through the super strong fibers that coat the cable and twist their way through the core, protecting the much weaker (and more important) wiring. Although the cable will still flex easily, damaging sharp kinks will be prevented and the jacket is much less likely to split.

Durable Construction

The connector casing employs a dual material structure for added durability. The tip of the connector casing is made from super-hard polymer while the tail connecting to the cabling is molded from highly flexible polymer, leading to a best-of-both-worlds situation that ensures your cable lasts and lasts. Combined with the aramid fiber reinforcement, the eeco Micro USB cable is almost completely immune to everyday wear and tear and can survive an extraordinary 10000 bends in laboratory testing.


Compatible with the vast majority of Android devices as well as most cameras, portable hard-drives, e-readers, and other electronic devices of all kinds.

Product Specifications:

Length: 6ft (1.8m)

Connectors: Male USB-A to male Micro-USB (Micro-B)

Box Contents:

  • eeco Micro USB 6ft charging cable

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