4 Port smartIC, Guard+ Wall Charger EU

4 Port smartIC, Guard+ Wall Charger EU


Massive 24W output allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously at fast charge speeds

Built Tough

Hardened ABS material lets this charger take a beating and still deliver the best charge every time.

SmartIC & Guard+

eeco puts together the best combo of smart charging and safety for a super-fast, worry-free charge.

Four Port Party

Life is better in fours; charge a combination of smartphones, tablets and any other USB device.

Charge a Small Army

Four ports give you everything you need and more. 27W of fast-charging speed give you the power to charge Android, Apple, Windows phone and Blackberry devices with ease. Charging phones, tablets, e-readers, wireless headphones and more is a breeze thanks to USB Type-A universal compatibility. Go ahead; your iPad Air, Google Pixel and Blackberry Priv are all friends at this party.

Durable, Soothing Design

Who said you can’t have form and function? This 4-port wall charger combines the ability to charge four devices with an angular, slim design that looks great. It’s never out of place thanks to a combination of white/silver colors on a tough, fire-resistant ABS case. The prongs are strong, too. Unlike other chargers, once they’re plugged in, they stay plugged in. You always get the charge you need.

smartIC and Guard+

smartIC and Guard+ technologies work together to give you the safest and fastest charging possible. smartIC automatically adjusts the power delivered to your device to charge quickly while preventing short-circuiting and overheating. Guard+ uses the most advanced security technology to protect your device from overcharging, overcurrent and overvoltage. Plug in and out without a second thought.

eeco Knows

At eeco, we understand your needs. You’re looking for a reliable, sturdy wall charger that gets the work done quickly. That’s why this charger goes through numerous testing procedures to work the first time, every time. Universal compatibility, compact design, safe charging, LED notification light and smartIC and Guard+ technologies are just a few ways our charger will serve you right.

Product Specifications:

  • Output: 5V/5.4A (27W) Port 1: 2.4A, Ports 2-4: 1A
  • Input: 100V – 240V AC
  • Size: 76.65 x 89.11 x 29mm
  • Weight:

Box Contents:

  • eeco 4 Port smartIC, Guard+ Wall Charger US
  • Instructions manual

The eeco Promise.

It’s an industry leading warranty you’ll never have to use. That’s how confident we are in our products.