5000mAh Tru Series Power Bank

5000mAh Tru Series Power Bank


Designed to be portable


True portability in a tiny, lightweight package. Slip it into any pocket or comfortably carry it in your palm

A Real 5000mAh

You get nothing less than 100% advertised capacity for a full charge whenever you need it

smartIC & Guard+ Technology

Dual technologies combine to provide faster-than-conventional charging and six safety features

Pocket Friendly

A truly portable power bank there never was. As light as a feather (or maybe 10) at 0.28lbs, this power bank is not only comfortable to carry, its tiny frame fits into just about any carrying space. Slip it into any pocket: backpack’s, clutch’s, jean’s, dress shirt’s, etc.

Caution: there is a chance you’ll forget you brought it!

A True 5000mAh Capacity

We use only the best batteries in our power bank. It’s normal for power banks to lose energy when transferring power to a device, so often a 5000mAh battery will only charge a total of 4200mAh. However, with our “Tru” series power banks, you get exactly what we advertise because of the batteries we use. Get 5000mAh of power from a full charge every time; never less!


smartIC chargers have a smart chip which allows them to sense when a device is fully charged by recognizing the device that is connected. Phone only charges at 1A but is plugged into a 2.4A port? No worries, the charger will only send 1A of energy, preserving the battery and keeping your phone from frying. smartIC will ensure the most efficient charge and protect your device.


Guard+ technology is provided thanks to an advanced microchip that intelligently detects and adjusts varying levels of voltage, amperage, current, temperature, and power to enhance performance and ensure your devices charge safely and efficiently. Plug in and out without a thought with this safeguard against overcurrent, overcharge, overvoltage and high-temperatures.

Product Specifications:

  • Model: eeco Tru-Series 5000mAh
  • Input: 5V-2A (10W)
  • Output: smartIC Max. (5V-2.1A)
  • Size: 44mm* 95mm* 21mm
  • Weight: 0.28lbs

Box Contents

  • eeco “Tru-Series” 5000mAh Power Bank
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

The eeco Promise.

It’s an industry leading warranty you’ll never have to use. That’s how confident we are in our products.