Type-C 3.1 Generation 2 Cable

Type-C 3.1 Generation 2 Cable


The epitome of connection with high-speed & high-capability data transferral

Pinnacle of Speed

Gen 2 delivers 10Gbps of ultra-fast data transfer speeds that leave all other cables struggling to play catch-up

Powerful Output

USB 3.1 Gen 2 supports up to 60W of power delivery to charge your laptop, MacBook or Ultrabook with ease

Reversible Reversibility

A Type-C connector on both ends provides easy plug-in from any end or any direction without frustration

The Next Generation

USB Type-C Gen 2 is twice as good as Gen 1. Offering up to 60W of power delivery and 10Gbps of data transfer speeds – there’s no other cable you’d ever need. Ingenious advances in technology make the transfer of 4K HD movies, batches of high-quality photo galleries, entire music collections and even stealing trade secrets – instantaneous.

Oh, and you can charge your MacBook and Ultrabook, too.

It’s in the Size

At 3ft long, this cable provides ample length to connect between charger and port. It’s not only long, but it’s twice as thick as conventional USB cables. With multiple wires running inside providing power, data transfer, audio, video and Ethernet capabilities, it’s an all-in-one cable for whatever you need. Perfect for your USB-C smartphones and tablets, MacBook and Ultrabooks.


Both connector ends on this cable come with the E-Marker designation. This is USB’s way of saying, “This cable is certified to do what it says it does and do it safely.” So, rest assured – you get advertised performance and a guarantee of USB-IF compliance. Only trust cables with clearly written “E-Mark” designation. Like this one.

Reversible Convenience

The Type-C connector is smaller and thinner, meaning that it can hook up easily with every compatible port. Its design is also reversible – so there’s no longer any frustration of flipping the cable around to connect. Whichever direction you plug in, you’re plugging in the right way. Both ends are also Type-C – so really, it’s ultimate reversibility. Isn’t technology, great?

Product Specifications:

  • Data Transfer Speed: 10Gb/s
  • Max Power Delivery: 5A (100W)
  • Length: 3ft (0.9m)
  • Material: PVC; dual material molding

Box Contents:

  • USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 Cable
  • Cable management velcro
  • User Manual

The eeco Promise.

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